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Who wrote the words to Beethoven's Ninth?

  • 88 keys 10 fingers No Problem

  • Aagh!! Bach - M.A.S.H.

  • A Boomin' Band

  • Challenges make you discover things about yourself that you never really knew. They're what make the instrument stretch, what makes you go beyond the norm. - Cicely Tyson

  • A Choir of Angels

  • Eat, Sleep, Breathe Music

  • Fo Shizzle

  • Gone Jammin'/ Singin'

  • Guitar Hero

  • The harmony between friends is sweeter than any choir.

  • He's the reason for the teardrops on my guitar

  • Homemade Band (pots, pans, rattles, lids)

  • I love a Parade

  • I love the piano

  • I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony. - The New Seekers

  • I'm just a living legacy

  • If you can't Play it good, Play it loud

  • J.S. Bach World Tour:

  • Kazoo band

  • Kazoos on parade

  • Leader of the Band -Dan Fogelberg

    An only child alone and wild
    A cabinet maker's son
    His hands were meant for different work
    And his heart was known to none
    He left his home and went his lone and solitary way
    And he gave to me a gift I know I never can repay

    A quiet man of music
    Denied a simpler fate
    He tried to be a soldier once
    But his music wouldn't wait
    He earned his love thru' discipline
    A thundering velvet hand
    His gentle means of sculpting souls
    Took me years to understand

    The leader of the band
    Is tired and his eyes are growing old
    But his blood runs thru' my instrument
    And his song is in my soul
    My life has been a poor attempt to imitate the man
    I'm just a living legacy
    To the leader of the band
    I am the living legacy
    To the leader of the band

    This song was written as a tribute to Dan's father Lawrence (Larry) Fogelberg, who started as the director of a military battalion band in Detroit, and then left the military and went to Peoria Illinois, where he was a high school band director for the next 31 years. When Dan dropped out of college to pursue music full time, his father gave grudging permission, with the proviso that should things not work out Dan would return to school. Thus the line in the song "I thank you for the freedom, when it came my time to go." Obviously things worked out!

  • Lord/Lady of the strings

  • Love is a friendship set to music (sheet music background)

  • Make a Joyful Noise unto the Lord. - Psalms 98:4

  • Mooosicians outstanding in their field (cows and instruments)

  • Magical Musicians

  • The Music Man

  • Music got me through high school. Music kept many of us sane and able to get through the hard school day. Don't let the politicians cut music when they cut the budget. Music is as important as breathing. - Mr. Holland's Opus

  • The music will never stop

  • Musicians Duet Better

  • My budding musicians

  • One man/kid band

  • Outstanding Orchestra

  • The Piano Man

  • Rock Stars - in the making

  • Rock'n the House

  • A Round of Applause (journal in a round shape or write the title in a circle)

  • Sensational Symphony

  • Seventy-six Trombones Led the Big Parade - Music Man

  • Sing!! Music is an outburst of the soul. - Frederick Delius (British composer)

  • Sing, Sing a Song, make it simple to last your whole life long. - Carpenters, originally written for Sesame Street

  • Something to sing about!

  • There is always music playing in my soul.

  • Treble-Maker

  • Turn up the POWER

  • Turn up the Volume

  • Wash board rondo let

  • What a glorious noise.

  • What should we send into outer space to contact extra-terrestrials?
    "Bach. All of it, over and over. [pause] But that would be boasting." - Lewis Thomas

  • Without music life would B♭

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