ScrapSayings, Miscellaneous

  • 10 Things I Love [favorite: food, movie, actor, meal, holiday/event, TV show, pet, color, toy, activity, restaurant.]
    - (do this yearly - your kids favorites can change fast in their lives)

  • Accidentally on purpose

  • Achieve - Adventure - Discover - Explore - Wonder

  • Against all Odds

  • All is calm all is bright.

  • All that glitters is not gold!

  • … and a good time was had by all.

  • … And I think to myself … what a wonderful world - Louis Armstrong

  • … And now for something completely different! - Monty Python

  • … And the living is easy.

  • Are you [ready for / sitting at] the grown-ups table?

  • Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.

  • Attitude is everything!

  • Attitude of gratitude

  • Back to basics

  • The balance of power

  • A Basket Case (picture of someone up to their limit in kids, fun, animals, craziness)

  • BE

  • Be who you are; Say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.

  • Be yourself: everyone else is taken.

  • Beat the Blues

  • Because Nice Matters

  • Been There - Done That - Let's move on

  • Behind the clouds the sun is still shining - Longfellow

  • Behind the eight ball

  • Big Shot / You had to be a big shot, din cha? - Billy Joel

  • Blue Jeans and Barefoot

  • Born to be a half hour late! (clock die cut)

  • Born to be Wild! -Steppenwolf, 1968 release

  • Born to Play [any instrument/game/sport]!

  • Born to Shop!

  • Born to [any craft or hobby]!

  • Born to [any sport move IE kick, run, rebound, score, volly]!

  • The Bottom Line

  • Brave Heart

  • Breathing Space

  • Bright Idea!

  • Brighten Up My Day and Fill My Nights - Debbie Boone

  • Busy Body (child or animal with lots of energy)

  • By the time I could talk I was ordered to listen. - Cat Stevens

  • By the Numbers

  • Caught in the Middle

  • Celebrate

  • A change of Heart

  • Change of Pace

  • Come on over and see me sometime. - Mae West

  • Coffee break

  • Cool It! / Chill out!

  • Creative Arts/ Endeavors

  • Dare to dream

  • Day Dream Believer (kids being creative or a beautiful day to dream)

  • Defy the Ordinary

  • Delightful Distractions/Diversions

  • Destination Imagination - Get ready… here we go!

  • A diamond in the rough

  • A diamond is forever

  • Don't rely on your memory - put it in a scrapbook.

  • Don't worry, be happy! - Bobby McFarran

  • A drop in the bucket (car wash or scrubbing floors)

  • Earmarked

  • Endless Possibilities

  • Enjoy Life - This is not a rehearsal

  • Enjoy the view

  • Escape to paradise/ heaven/ your dreams

  • Everyone Smiles in the Same Language

  • Everyone's entitled to a hissy-fit now and then.

  • Expect the Unexpected


  • An eye for detail

  • The Eyes have it! (glasses/glowing eyes in the dark)

  • Eyes like a hawk!

  • Faith, Hope, Courage, Life, Love

  • Fall seven times; stand up eight - Japanese proverb

  • Find those quiet, out-of-the-way places to go and think.

  • Find your place in the rhythm of life

  • For/In Good Measure (measuring tape boarder)

  • "Fo' Shizzle ma Nizzle!" or "fo' sheezy mah neezy!"
    Translation: "I concur with you whole heartedly my African American brother" - Snoop Dogg)

  • Fun-believable!!

  • Fun with bubble gum

  • Fun you can Flip over

  • Free Time

  • Get Inspired!!

  • Get with the PROGRAM!!!

  • Get your fun/game on

  • Getting down to the Nitty Gritty

  • GiNormous

  • Glisten, Glimmer, Glitter and Gleam

  • Go with the flow

  • Going in circles

  • Good Clean Fun

  • Good Golly Miss Molly - Written by Robert Blackwell / John Marascalco

  • Good Things come in small packages

  • The Great Indoors

  • Hail Hail the gang's all here!

  • Hanging Out (monkeys)

  • Have I told you lately that I love you?

  • Heads will turn

  • The Heat is ON

  • Hey, good lookin' why the frown? It always looks better when it's up side down.

  • Hidden Agenda

  • Homemade Memories

  • Hope your day is filled with Love, smiles, and song!

  • Hot Diggity Dog (Ziggity Boom)

  • Hustle and Bustle

  • I am the pink flamingo on the great lawn of life.

  • I have a nose for news.

  • I heard it through the grape vine.

  • I was always early 'til I had kids.

  • I'm in shape. Round is a shape!!!

  • I'm in no shape to exercise.

  • I'm just a little ray of sunshine on a cloudy day.

  • I'm just thinking out loud here.

  • I'm not a pack rat, I'm a collector.

  • I'm not busy I'm just multi-tasking.

  • I'm so far behind, I won't be able to die for another 100 years.

  • Idea- ology

  • If at first you don't succeed, try try again.

  • If at first you don't succeed, get new batteries.

  • If you obey all the rules, you'll miss all the fun. - Katharine Hepburn

  • If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours.

  • Imagination (n.) 1. a creative ability 2.The act or power of forming a mental image of something not present to the senses or never before wholly perceived in reality. The ability to confront and deal with a problem creatively. Synonyms: creation, fantasy.

  • In for a penny; in for a pound

  • In the spot light

  • It takes 12 muscles to smile

  • It's all muscle!

  • It's not the weekend unless there's conflict!

  • Jump for Joy

  • Jump in with both feet!

  • Just Chill Out

  • Just the ticket

  • Laugh It Up!

  • Laughter is an instant vacation.

  • Laughter is the best medicine

  • Lego Construction Zone

  • Let the good times roll

  • Lickety Split (really fast. I love old phrases, my family had a million of them.)

  • Life in the fast lane

  • Life is a Journey

  • Life's little luxuries/pleasures.

  • Life Style of the Rich and Famous

  • Light and Breezy

  • Like a kid in a candy store (food)

  • Little acts of kindness - little acts of love - bring us just a bit of heaven from above

  • The Little Things Mean So Much

  • Live Long and Prosper -Spock (Star Trek)

  • Live well, Laugh often, Love much

  • Living Life on the Edge

  • Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere. - Albert Einstein

  • Look for the small miracles and you'll find they're everywhere.

  • Made in the Shade

  • Make a good day GREAT!

  • Man cannot change the direction of the wind, but he can adjust his sails.

  • May I have your attention please!

  • May your day be filled with sunshine

  • May your day bubble over with fun.

  • Memories and love tie our hearts together.

  • Mind Blowing

  • Mind Games

  • Mischief managed - Harry Potter

  • Mission Impossible

  • Moments to remember.

  • Monday Morning Motivating

  • Monday Morning Quarterbacks

  • Money Talks:
    USA and Canada -dollar, bucks, ching, moola, dough, green, greenbacks
    Britain - Pounds or Qid
    China - Yuan Renminbi
    Japan - Yen
    South Africa - Rand
    India - Rupees
    Israel - New Shekets
    Turkey - Liras
    Brazil - Reals
    Mexico and Argentina - Pasos
    Europe - Euro

  • Moving on /out

  • My Precious Moments

  • National Treasures (mug Shots (friends at work or bad pictures of people)

  • Natural Instinct

  • Nose to the grind stone

  • Now you see it, Now you don't

  • Oh Piffle! (my grandmother)

  • Oh what a night -Frankie Valley and the Four Seasons

  • Old Stomping Grounds

  • Old time rock and roll -Bob Seager

  • On the move

  • Only dreamers can make dreams come true!!

  • On top of the World

  • Open Arms

  • Out of the box (moving - kids making things out of boxes)

  • Out of this world

  • [person's name] and his/her magic bag of tricks

  • Picture Perfect

  • Picture this…

  • Piles of Smiles (a pile of leaves and/or kids laughing)

  • Play as you go plan

  • A pocket full of possibilities/memories

  • Prime Time

  • Punked Out (old meaning-dressing like a punk/hood;
    new meaning-pranked/rebuilt/remade)

  • Pursuit of Happiness

  • Pushing the envelope - from aviation, the flight envelope

  • Put your best foot forward

  • Puzzling

  • Raise your expectations!

  • Razzmatazz

  • Razzle Dazzle!

  • Red Alert!!!

  • Relax - Kick off your shoes - Put your feet up - Unwind

  • Relax, refresh, recharge, renew, revive, and rediscover yourself!

  • Resistance is futile!

  • Rest and Relax It doesn't get much better than this!

  • The Results Are In

  • Rise and Shine!

  • Rock'n the House

  • A Round of Applause (journal in a round shape or write the title in a circle)

  • Scenic escape /view/getaway/journey

  • Scout It Out (boy or girl scouts / searching)

  • Scrapin' Happens / Having a Scrap Happening

  • Shenanigans (getting into trouble- my grandmother)

  • Share the moments - Share the life

  • Short Circuit (blow up home improvement job or crazy hair or short person)

  • Show the Love

  • Shuffle Up and Deal

  • Simple pleasures are life's greatest treasures.

  • Simplify

  • Simply Irresistible

  • Sit and ponder, rest and dream, visit with me in between …

  • Smiles to share/spare

  • Smiling hearts, Beautiful faces, Good times, Happy places!!

  • Sneak a Peek

  • Somewhere over the rainbow - Judy Garland

  • Stow Away

  • Streetwise

  • Stuff: what nots, goobldy gook, thingamagigs,whatchamacallits, junk, clutter, dust catchers, collections

  • Stuck in the middle

  • Stuff and nonsense


  • S'up ?

  • Superstar

  • Taking the same path

  • Tell us what you really think!

  • Thank you can be said so many different ways:
    Afrikaans (Africa) - Dankie
    Arabic - Sukran
    Arabic - Shukran Gazillan (Thank you very much)
    Armenian - shur-nur-ah-gah-lem
    Australian - Thoinks, Moite!
    Bengali - Dhannyabad
    Bulgarian - Blagodaria
    Bosnia - Hvala
    Burma(Myanmar) - Jae Zu Din Pa De (Thank you)
    Cameroon (Duala) - Na som (thanks)
    Cameroon (Duala) - Na som djita (Thank you very much)
    Canada - Thanks ah!
    Cantonese - Do jey (sp? -- thank you for the gift) M'goy (sp? -- thank you for the service)
    Catalonia (catalan) - gràcies [grah'-si-es] estandard -
    moltes gràcies [many thanks]
    Catalonia (catalan) - merci [mer'-si] very colloquial
    Cherokee Nation - Wado (Thank you)
    Chinese (Mandarin) - Xie_Xie (shieh shieh)
    Chinese (Cantonese) Mh goi (m-ghoh-ee) (informal: thanks)
    Chinese (Cantonese) Do jeh (tou yeh) (formal: thanks)
    Cook Islander - Kia Manuia
    Croatia - Hvala
    Czech Dekuji (deh'-ku-yih)
    Danish - tak (tahg)
    Dutch - dank U wel (dahnk you well) (formal: thank you very much)
    English - Thanks awfully, old boy
    Estonia - Aitåh
    Ewe Togo (Africa) - Akpé (Appé) - Apké na wo (Thanks to you)
    Fijian - Vinaka
    Finnish - kiitos (kee'-toas)
    Fon Benin (Africa) - Kpè nu wé
    French - merci (mehr-see')
    French - Merci Madame/Mademoiselle/ Monsieur - (Thanks to a woman/young girl/ man)
    F.Y.R.O.M. (Macedonia) - Hvala
    Gambia (Mandinka) - Abarka
    German - Danke (dahn'-kuh)
    Greek - Efharisto (ef-har-ris-tou')
    Guarani - Aguije (ah-we-JAY) native indian language of Paraguay and Western Brazil
    Guinea (Mandinka) - Abarka
    Gujarathi (India) - Aabar
    Hawaiian - Mahalo
    Hebrew - Toda (toh-dah') - Toda raba (thank you very much)
    Hindi (India National Language) - Dhan-ya-vaad
    Hindi - Syukriya
    Hungarian - Köszönöm (kuh'-suh-nuhm)
    Indonesian - Terima kasih (teh-ri-mah kah-sih)
    Indonesian - Terima Kasih Banjak/Banyak (Both pronounced bunyuk -
    Thank you very much)
    Irish - Go Raibh Maith Agat (Pronounced Go - Rev - Meela - Maw - Agut)
    Irish (Northern) - Nice one bro'r, or Cheers mucker!
    Italian - Grazie (grahts'-yeh) Grazie tanto (many thanks - cordial version) Mille Grazie (a thousand thanks)
    Japanese - Arigato (ah-ree-gah'-toh) or A_Lea_Ga_Tou_Go_Zai_Ma_Su
    Japanese - Domo arrigato
    Javanese - Matur nuwun
    Jive - Thanks mon - (Appropriate only if directed to a male Kannada India) - Dhan-ya-vaadaa (spoken in S India, in Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India.)
    Korean - Kamsa hamaida (kam'-sah hum-nee-dah' )
    Latvian - Paldies
    Lithuanian - Achu
    Luganda (Uganda) - Waybale (Thank you) - Waybale Nyo (Thank you very much)
    Malayalam (South Indian Language) - Nandi
    Malayalam (India) - Nani
    Malaysian - Terima Kasih ("Tay ree ma Kaa seh")
    Mali (Mandinka) - Abarka
    Mandinka - Abarka (language of West Africa; The Gambia, Senegal,
    Guinea and Mali)
    Maori - Kia Manuia
    Nepali -- (Nepal National Language) - Dhan-ya-vaad
    New Zealand - Cheers - LOL
    New Zealand - Kiaora Koe - Kiaora Korua - Kiaora Koto - Kiaora Tatou - Maori
    Norwegian - Takk (tahkk)
    Oman - Shakkran
    Palauan - soolong (Republic of Palau)
    Paraguay (Guarani) - Aguije (ah-we-JAY)
    Persian/Farsi - Mam'noon or Mo'teshake'ram (Spoken in Iran,
    Afghanistan and other Central Asian countries)
    Philippines Tagalog - Salamat
    Philippines - Maraming Salamat (thank you very much)
    Polish - Dziekuje (dsyehn-koo-yeh)
    Portuguese - Obrigada (Female) - Obrigado (Male) (oh-bree-gah'-doh)
    Portuguese - Muito Obrigado (Thank you very much) - Muito Obrigado com Voce (have my personal thanks)
    Punjabi ( Pakistan and India) - Bhala Hove
    Qatar - Shakkran
    Romanian - Multumesc (phonetic: mooltzoomeask)
    Romanian - Va multumim frumos (great thanks)
    Russian - Spasiba (spah-see'-boh) - Blagodaryu (a little official)
    Russian - Premnogo blagodaren (my greater thanks - words said to bosses by workers)
    Russian - Spasibo balshoye (big thanks)
    Samoan - Fa'afetai (fah-ah-feh-ta-e - thank you) -
    Fa'afetai tele lava (Thank you very much)
    - Talofa
    Saulteaux Indians (Manitoba, Canada) - Miigwech (meegweech) --
    there are similar spellings in other native languages such as Cree, etc.
    Scottish - Cheers
    Scot's Gaelic (Informal) - Tapadh Leat (tah-puh let) (Formal) - Tapadh Leibh (tah-puh lave)
    Scot's Gaelic (Many Thanks) - Moran Taing
    Senegal (Mandinka) - Abarka
    Serbo - Croat -Hvala
    Slovakia Dakujem (deh'-ku-yem)
    South Africa - Dankie - Baie Dankie (thanks very much)
    Spanish - Gracias (grah'-syas) - Muchas gracias (thank you very much)
    Sundanese - Nuhun
    Sunda - Hatur Nuhun
    Swahili - Ahsante (ah-sahn'-teh)- Ahsante Sana (Thank you very much)
    Swedish - Tack (tahkk) - Tack så mycket
    Tahitian - Maururu
    Tamil (India) - Nandri "Nun-dry" (spoken in South India, Singapore, Malaysia)
    Teenager - (you're kidding right)
    Telungu (South Indian Language)- Manjuthe
    Thai - Khob Khun Kha (Feminine) - Khob Khun Krab (Masculine)
    Tibetan - Thuk Ji Chhe
    Turkish - Tesekkurler ( teh-sheh-keur eh-deh-rim) (thanks) - Çok tesekkur ederim (big thanks)
    Turkish - Saðol (thank you) - Saðolun (thank you - "saol")
    United States - Thank You, Thank you so much (South) - Thanks y'all
    Ukranian - Dyakuyu
    Urudu (India) - Shukria
    Urdu (Pakistan) - Shukria
    Urdu [Pakistan, India and Bangla Desh] - Maherbani
    Uzbekistan (Uzbek) - Rahmat (Thanks)
    Uzbekistan (Uzbek) - Katta Rahmat (Thanks a lot)
    Vietnamese - Kam ouen
    Wales/Cymru - Diloch yn fawr (thank you very much)
    Wales/Cymru - Diolch (thanks)
    Xhosa (Africa) - Nkosi
    Yemen - Shakkran
    Yoruba - Modupe
    Yugoslavia Hvala
    Zulu - Ngiyabonga
    Say Thanks Internet Link

  • Think outside/inside the box!

  • … this is the day of good tidings … - 2 Kings

  • This is the moment, this is our time, this is our chance to stand up for what is right. - Bono

  • Thoughts of you make me smile.

  • Tickled Pink

  • 'Til the end of time

  • To everything there is a season

  • Today was Good, Today was Fun, Tomorrow is another one! - Dr. Seuss

  • Triumph {tri umf} to rejoice or exult over victory; achievement.

  • Trivia is not trivial

  • Turbo Charged

  • Two wild and crazy guys/girls/boys/animals - Steve Martin, Dan Akroid, in Saturday Night Live

  • Two thumbs up

  • Unforgettable

  • Uptown Saturday night

  • Wake up call

  • Walk on the wild side

  • Warning! Warning! / Danger! Danger! - Lost in Space

  • Waste Not, Want Not

  • We are always the same age inside.

  • We should do this more often.

  • We will place flowers at your feet

  • We're in this together.

  • What a GREAT DAY!!

  • What in tar-nation!

  • What part of Y'all Don't you Understand??

  • What's fun got to do with it?

  • What's on your mind?

  • Where no one has gone before.

  • Where there's a will there's a why!

  • Whimsical / Whimsy

  • Who can resist a puddle? Not Me!!

  • Window shopping

  • Write your sorrows in the sand and your blessings in stone.

  • You make me laugh … listen to me and lift my spirits.

  • You make my day my week and my year.

  • You can't scare me, … I'm a teacher
    … I'm a nurse. [any occupation]
    … I have a two year old.
    … I have a teenager. (I have 3 as of this writing)

  • You make my day my week and my year.

  • You want to see a Miracle? Be the Miracle!!!!

  • You're as young as you feel, and today I feel 110 and a half.

  • You're my inspiration!

  • Your kindness has touched my heart.


-- If you use any of the puzzle or collage layouts, cute sayings could be typed or written in the blank areas.

-- My family has hundreds of "cute/dumb" sayings that have been passed down over the years. We sat with a tape recorder running last Thanksgiving and tried to recall as many as possible and where they came from. In fact my family e-mailed me for weeks later when other sayings popped into their heads. These silly sayings have crept into our daily lives and put the color into our conversation. They need to be preserved. My aunt used to call a purse her "pot-i-boot" [pocketbook] that she kept her "cent-es" in.)

-- If you have any more ideas please pass them on.