ScrapSayings, Valentine's Day

  • Be my valentine

  • Change of Heart

  • Cute enough to kiss (candy kisses)

  • Cupid draw back your bow, and let your arrow go, Straight to my lovers heart for me. - Sam Cooke

  • Heart Felt

  • Hugs and Kisses (candy kisses, heart candies)

  • In the heart-land

  • Kiss-able Kids (candy kisses)

  • Lovable, snuggable hugs to you

  • Sweets for the sweet

  • There are no TULIPS (make a tulip out of the U) as sweet as your Two Lips!

  • Won't you be mine/my Valentine

  • You sweeten my life.

  • You're the XXX's and OOO's of my heart.

  • Your kindness has touched my heart


-- Take your child's favorite valentine's and put them on a page with the year. These cute cards report the coolest movie characters, movie stars, and tv shows that the kids are watching. They will be tracking history over time.

See also: love and marriage.