ScrapSayings, Hair

  • Are you sure you want short hair?

  • Auburn Beauty

  • Bad Hair Day - ware a hat

  • Bad Hair Day? -- I don't think so! You never have a bad hair day when you don't have ANY. (bald baby or man)

  • Bald at birth -- Bald revisited

  • Bald is Beautiful. Just ask Micheal Jordon, Patrick Stewart, Bruce Willis, and Mr. Magoo.

  • The Battle of the Bald - I think it's a losing battle in this case.

  • Beard Poem
    Here's my beard.
    Ain't it weird?
    Don't be sceered,
    Just a beard.
    - George Carlin

  • Big Hairy Deal

  • Blond Bombshell

  • Buzzzz Cut - Buzzzz Saw - What's the Buzzzzz?

  • Crazy Curl

  • Crazy Hair Day

  • Curly Locks

  • Cutting the Curls

  • Did you get your hair cut? NO, I got them all cut!

  • Did you get your hair cut? Which one?

  • Do you really want to do that?

  • The First Hair Cut (don't forget to save a lock of hair)

  • The Few, The Proud, The Bald (use khaki or camouflage paper)

  • [Person's name] Gets a buzzz!

  • God made some of us perfect - the rest of us He gave hair.

  • Golden Girl

  • Goldy Locks

  • Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Fire (Red Head)

  • Gray is the New Blond

  • Great Do Dude!

  • Hair? What hair? (bald baby or man)

  • Hair Poem:
    I'm aware some may stare at my hair.
    In fact, to be fair, Some really despair of my hair.
    But I don't care, Cause they're not aware,
    Nor are they debonair. In fact, they're just square.
    They see hair down to there, Say, "Beware" and go off on a tear!
    I say, "No fair!" A head that's bare is really nowhere.
    So be like a bear, be fair with your hair! Show it you care.
    Wear it to there. Or to there. Or to there, if you dare!

    My wife bought some hair at a fair, to use as a spare.
    Did I care? Au contraire! Spare hair is fair! In fact, hair can be rare.
    Fred Astaire got no hair, Nor does a chair, Nor a chocolate ├ęclair,
    And where is the hair on a pear? Nowhere, mon frere!
    So now that I've shared this affair of the hair,
    I'm going to repair to my lair and use Nair, do you care?

    - George Carlin

  • Hair-larious

  • I'm not vain. I always look this good!!

  • I've got BED HEAD (colicky hair from sleeping)

  • Our Little Fireball (Red Head)

  • Rag Mop / Rag-a-Muffin

  • R A G G M O P P Ragmop! - written by Ames Brothers 1963

  • Red Head: carrot top / fireball / stop light

  • Sheered like a Sheep

  • Static Cling (use lightning bolt for the t's and l)

  • Struggling Hair Farmer (someone who is losing the battle of the bald)

  • An up do !

  • Wacky/Wayout Wigs

  • What a great Do!

  • What did you do to your hair?

  • Wish you were HAIR!

  • You got your ears lowered I see.

  • You look 10 years younger! (get before and after w/picture-10yrs young)


-- Use acid-free envelopes, paper, or plastic, and keep hair out of direct sunlight.