ScrapSayings, Nature Die Cuts


Check the weather, summer, and the beach for sunny days and outdoor activities. If you're going on vacation, remember that Florida is The Sunshine State, New Mexico is The Land of Sunshine, and Oregon is The Sunset State. (South Dakota also wants to be called the Sunshine State, but I'm having a hard time swalloing that one; they get 39 inches of snow annually.) See travel for state nicknames and mottoes. Beyond the reality of the sun up in the sky, the sun is sometimes a metaphore for love and happiness.


  • A little bit of sunshine is what you are to me.

  • Children fill our lives with sunshine and our hearts with love.

  • He/She will fill our lives with sunshine and our hearts with love. (new baby or adopted child)

  • Love brings us closer to perfection. It is the sun that lights up our lives and warms that of others. - Brigitte Bardot

  • You are my sunshine, my only sunshine,
    you make me happy when skies are gray.
    You'll never know dear, how much I love you.
    Please don't take my sunshine away.
    - Jimmie Davis lyrics

  • You are my sunshine on a cloudy day. - Temptations

  • You are the sunshine of my life - Stevie Wonder

Happiness, Hope, or Optimism:

  • Behind the clouds the sun is still shining - Longfellow

  • Good Day Sunshine - The Beatles

  • Here Comes the Sun! - The Beatles

  • I believe in the Sun even when it's not shining.
    I believe in Love even when I don't feel it.
    I believe in God even when he is silent.

  • I'm just a little ray of sunshine on a cloudy day.

  • Laughter is God's sunshine. Take time to laugh for it is the music of the soul.

  • Keep your face in the sunshine and you will not see the shadows. - Helen Keller

  • Let the Sun Shine In - Fifth Dimension

  • The sun is always shining. Even though clouds may come along and obscure the sun for a while, the sun is always shining. The sun never stops shining. And even though the earth turns, and the sun appears to go down, it really never stops shining.
    - Louise L. Hay, American Metaphysical Teacher, Lecturer, Author

  • Sunny Day, Chasin' the Clouds Away - Sesame Street

  • Those who bring sunshine to others can not keep it from themselves. - Sir James M. Barrie

  • We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun. - Westlife

  • Well, aren't we just a stinkin' ray of sunshine! sarcastic

  • Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine. - Anthony J. D'Angelo, The College Blue Book


You can use the moon for people asleep, or getting ready for bed. Here are a few more titles.

  • Blue Moon / Once in a Blue Moon

  • Good Night Moon, Good Night Air, Good Night Noises Everywhere. - Margaret Wise Brown

  • Fly me to the Moon and let me play among the stars.
    Let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars. - Frank Sinatra

  • I'm being followed by a moon shadow.
    Moon shadow moon shadow.
    Leapin' and hoppin' on a moon shadow.
    Moon shadow moon shadow.
    - Cat Stevens

  • Man on the Moon

  • Shine on, shine on harvest moon.

  • Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars. - Les Brown


A star is a natural object in the night sky that is represented, somewhat inaccurately, by a 5-pointed geometric shape. The points correspond to the "twinkling" of the star in the night sky, caused by refraction through the atmosphere. Please visit Geometric Die Cuts for the star titles.


You can certainly encounter trees in camping, travel, or Christmas. Sometimes there are separate die cuts for desiduous and coniferous trees; the latter would be more appropriate for Christmas. A palm tree usually indicates a vacation, or a day at the beach. If you are going on vacation, remember that Maine is The Pine Tree State, and Nebraska is The Tree Planter State. See travel for state nicknames and mottoes. Besides the literal plant, a tree can also represent your family tree.

  • All spruced Up (Christmas Trees / Pine Forest)

  • Another Ball in the Trees (golf)

  • The apple doesn't fall far from the tree (Parent and child who look alike, or are doing similar things.)

  • Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree. - Martin Luther King

  • The family tree is alive as long as the roots are healthy!

  • Keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps the singing bird will come. - Chinese saying

  • Our family is like the branches of a tree. We may grow in different directions yet our roots remain stable.

  • Our family tree is rooted in love!

  • Stand back and watch me grow (flowers, plants, tree)

  • Storms make trees take deeper roots. - Dolly Parton

  • Suburbia is where the developer bulldozes out the trees, then names the streets after them. - Bill Vaughan
    (put a tree on its side)

  • This family tree is full of NUTS.

  • Tropical breezes and blowing palm trees

  • We have a place for you, right here in our family tree. (pregnant mom, newborn baby, or adopted child)


You'll find leaves in nature, or on a camping trip, or in the jungle. Don't go to the jungle often? Perhaps not, but your pages might incorporate some jungle animals. Leaves are especially prominent in the Fall.

  • Leaves of Grass - Walt Whitman

  • Leaves will bow down when you walk by … and morning bells will chime. - John Denver

  • Your Mother is always with you. She's the whisper of the leaves as you walk down the street.


Just as leaves decorate your Fall pages, flowers can represent Spring. They also adorn pictures of a young girl, or a wedding.

  • All the flowers of all the tomorrow's are in the seeds of today and yesterday.

  • April Showers Bring May Flowers

  • Friends are the flowers of life.

  • Love in bloom

  • Moms give bunches of love. (bouquet of heart shaped flowers)

  • Seedlings turn overnight to sunflowers, blossoming even as we gaze.
    - Sun Rise Sun Set, Fiddler on the Roof (your growing children)

  • Stand back and watch me grow (flowers, plants, tree)

  • Take a moment and smell the flowers

  • Where have all the flowers gone? - Pete Seeger (perhaps someone going off to war or coming back home)

  • You should be showered with flowers (little flowers raining down the page)

Snowflake / Snowman

We've covered spring (flowers), summer (sun) and fall (leaves). The snow die cuts handle winter, and also Christmas. Also check weather for snowy conditions.

  • As pure as the driven snow

  • Cleaning the house while the kids are still living at home is like shoveling the walk while it is still snowing. - Phyllis Diller

  • Moms are different as snowflakes. They come in different sizes and shapes with different colors and callings at different ages and abilities sporting different personalities and preferences. Moms are very different, and also very much alike. Moms have been known to applaud, aggravate, correct, console, pamper, polish, scold and snuggle their offspring all within a matter of moments. And most of all, moms have been known to love without reserve, and show it with their HEADS, HANDS, AND HEARTS.
    - Kendra Smiley

  • Some of my best friends are flakes

  • Snow-one Else Like You!

  • Snow-one Nicer Than You!

  • Snowmen melt your heart


  • All the colors of the rainbow (Any colorful picture, or people dressed in different colors, or of different races)

  • Hawaii, The Rainbow State (See other state nicknames)

  • If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain. - Dolly Parton

  • Looking for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

  • Rainbow Connection - Paul Williams, Muppet Movie

  • Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue. - Judy Garland, in The Wizard of Oz

  • Tis better, by far, at the rainbows end to find not gold but the heart of a friend.

  • When there's no gettin' over that rainbow - Carpenters


Apples appear in the Fall, at harvest time. An apple can also be placed on a school page, since it is a traditional teacher's gift.

  • American as Apple Pie

  • An apple a day helps keep the doctor away.

  • The apple doesn't fall far from the tree (Parent and child who look alike, or are doing similar things.)

  • Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree. - Martin Luther King

  • iPhone, iPod, Mac, or other Apple product - perhaps as a gift.

  • Sweet as an apple … on Christmas day. - Paul Simon

  • [You are] the apple of my eye. - Stevie Wonder


Check the animal titles for any references to birds, and of course there's Easter.

  • Don't put all your eggs in one basket

  • Egg on your face!

  • To make an omelet, you have to break some eggs.

  • You have to be careful with eggs. - Bill Cosby

  • You look egg-stra special to me!! (and other variations on ex      words.)


I'm talking about the flying mammal, not the baseball bat, though I suppose you could put one on a baseball page. The obvious applications are Halloween and caves.

  • Bats in your belfry

  • I've gone batty over you.

  • A Little Batty


Do I even need to say it? Fishing! And here are a few more.

  • The catch of the day.

  • Fishing for a compliment

  • Go fish!

  • He/She is a great catch.

  • Just for the halibut.

  • Looks like you're floundering.

  • [not] the only fish in the sea

  • Something's fishy around here.


Frogs are sometimes used in conjuction with fishing, or with boys playing outside. They also appear whenever jupming or leaping is involved. I suppose any other leaping animal would do, in case you happen to have a kangaroo die cut.

  • A frog in your throat

  • Growing by leaps and bounds

  • I toad you so! (frogs or toads)

  • Jump for Joy

  • Jump'n Gee Hos-a-Fat

  • Jump into [just about anything]

  • This joint is a jumpin'

  • You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince. (Lots of frogs-one with a crown, or a lineup of frogs with your boyfriend / husband at the end.)

  • You make my heart leap.