Scrapbook Songs, Sometimes

Sometimes bad things happen
Things that make you cry,
Things that we don't understand
And everyone asks "Why?"

Sometimes sad things happen
And little ones get hurt,
Casualties of battles fought,
In a broken fallen world.

When Jesus walked upon the Earth,
He said to those who mourn
"Comfort will be yours, my friends,
And joy will come once more".

And those who find it in their hearts
To praise the Living God,
Will know His strength to overcome
The sorrow life has bought.

Sing it out,
Weep it out,
Cry it out,
And pray it out.

"I am the resurrection
The Way, the Truth, the Life.
My words will never pass away
And love will never die."

And one day in a heaven,
We'll hear the children sing
And all these tears will be no more
And Christ will be the King.

He is the first, He is the last,
He is the Holy One.
And it is worth giving your all
To worship Him alone.