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Scrapin on the Internet

Use Heritage Makers to build your scrapbook online. They will convert it into a hard-bound book and send it to you in the mail. If your cut and paste skills are all digital, this is the site for you.

ParentsAsTeachers.org offers a service that is truly unique. You can build your scrapbook online. Upload your pictures and arrange them on virtual pages, for your friends and family to see. You may live far apart, but now you can work on a scrapbook together.


I Remember is one of the few programs for the Mac, devoted to scrapbooking.

Scrappin Magazines

Here are some wonderful scrapbooking magazines that you can order on-line, in association with Amazon.com. The prices shown here are approximate. Each subscription lasts one year.

If you would like to order more than one scrappin magazine or book, click on an item and addit to your cart, then use your back button to return to this page, click on the next item and add it to your cart, and so on. Finally, click on the last item you want, add it to your cart, then make your purchase. Amazon.com remembers the items you have placed in your cart, even if you back out of their site for a short time. Of course you can browse around for similar items before checkout.

  • Scrapbooking Memories, 13 issues for $95.00.

  • Creating Keepsakes, 10 issues for $23.00.

  • Memory Makers Magazine, 6 issues for $20.00.

  • Scrapbooking & Beyond Magazine, includes current issue contents, links, free project, purchasing information, and more.

Scrappin Books

Here are some excellent books on scrapbooking. Again, prices are approximate.

  • Scraps : Adventures in Scrapbooking, by Wendy Bagley, 5.0 stars, $11.00.

  • Everything Scrapbooking Book, by Jennifer Barr, $11.00.

  • The Ultimate Scrapbooking Book, edited by Rebecca Carter, $17.50.

  • Scrapbooking for the First Time, by Rebecca Carter, $14.00.

  • 500 Great Heartwarming Expressions For Scrapbooking & Cards, by Sandy Redburn, $11.00.

  • Another 500 Heartwarming Expressions For Crafting and Scrapbooking, by Sandy Redburn, $10.00.

  • 515 Scrapbooking Ideas, by Vanessa-Ann, $10.50.

  • ABC's of Scrapbooking, by scrappinGrammi, $15.00.

You can suggest a book here, and if it is offered by Amazon.com (and most books are), we will create a direct link. Please provide title and author, or ISBN.

Other Internet Resources for Scrapbooking

Meet in person with other local Scrapbookers for conversation, inspiration and fun!

Here is a great site filled with free scrapbooking ideas. Includes loads of useful tips for creating scrapbook albums, planning your page layouts and using kits, stickers, quotes and other embellishments to display your treasured photos.

Everything About Scrapbooking includes tips, layouts, even videos to get you started.

Friendship greeting cards - words and designs may carry over to scrapbooking.

You almost remember that Bible verse, but not quite. Go to the Bible Gateway. Look up passages by reference or by key words and see the result in almost any translation, King James, International, you name it. Hint, if you're looking up a passage with keywords like "Thou" and "cometh", remember to check the King James box, or you'll never find it.

If you are looking for the words to your favorite song, go to google. As you probably know, google is a general search engine - you can look up anything on the net. You might expect a song-centered web site to do better. Indeed, there are lots of song-lyrics search engines out there - but most of them focus on a particular type of music, and some even focus on a particular artist. Google rises above all this, and searches across the entire Internet. In my experience, google is your best bet. Enter the title of the song in quotes, and then the word lyrics.

"this land is your land" lyrics

The best song lyrics site is probably LyricsTime.com.

Sticker sites:
Sports/Gymnastics Stickers
Various Stickers
Jewish Stickers

Historic Headlines. What were the headlines on the day you were born? Place a headline along side a picture in your scrapbook, for context.

Find out who else shares your birthday.

What is your birth stone? your Zodiac sign? your Chinese astrology sign?

Name origins and meanings.

How did your holiday traditions get started? Find out here.

Here are some sites related to adoption:
Baby Zone
Life Preserves
Adorable Adoptees

Find that famous quote here, or here. Or try MailBits.com - they will deliver quotes to your in-box daily.

Wise Old Sayings has a wealth of ssayings, from inspirational to humorous. These are not specifically aimed at scrapbooking, but you may still find what you are looking for.

Dover Publications has created an online library of childrens books and stories, and an archive of free clipart.

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