ScrapSayings, Cycling and Biking

  • Angel of bikers
    be at my side when I get in gear and go for a ride
    May the road be smooth and the ride be easy.
    Never too rainy, slippery or breezy.
    Protect me from potholes, wrecks, and the like,
    whenever I go cruising on my bike.
    And if other's are envious, may I take it in stride
    remembering always that `Wheel Men Ride!'

  • The bicycle surely should always be the vehicle of novelists and poets. - Christopher Morley

  • Biker Dude / Dudet

  • Biking while cute

  • Born to Bike

  • Born to Ride

  • Breaking Away

  • Caution: Kid on Bike

  • Dare devil on wheels

  • Easy Rider

  • Just learning (in an orange triangle)

  • Kids on wheels

  • King of the Road

  • Lean mean bikin' machine

  • Lean on the curves

  • Learning curve

  • New Freedom

  • Peddle Pusher

  • Pop a Wheelie

  • Ride like the wind

  • Student Biker

  • Trainin' wheelin'

  • Two wheelin' Three wheelin' (tyke)

  • Un-easy rider

  • Watch me go really fast!

  • We just watch racing for the crashes! (someone with a bike crash)

  • The wind in my hair … and bruises on my knees