ScrapSayings, Winnie the Pooh Alphabet Poem

A is for all the adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh
B is for bounces from Tigger
C is for Christopher Robin and his friends
D is for digging dirt in Rabbit's garden
E is for Eeyore, a very sad gray donkey
F is for Friends like Pooh and Piglet
G is for Gopher -he'ssss not in the book you know!
H is for the Hundred Acre Woods, or Honey, Pooh's favorite food.
I is for the ice cream at Pooh's and Piglet's Hero party.
J is for jumping with Roo and Tigger
K is for Kanga and Little Roo
L is for a LOST donkey's tail
M is for the mess Tigger usually makes of everything.
N is for napping on a hot summer day.
O is for Owl who has the wisdom of the ages.
P is for Pooh and Piglet, together through thick and thin
Q is for a comfy quilt for Piglet
R is for Rabbit. "Why me? Why does it always happen to me?"
S is for Gopher's SSSSasafras tea and SSSSsummer SSSsquach
T is for Tigger is spelled: T I double G ER
U is for being under Christopher Robin's big umbrella "Tut, tut it looks like rain."
V is for vegetables in Rabbit's garden
W is for Watching out for Effalumps and Woozles
X marks the spot where Pooh lives. We always begin there.
Y is for the red yarn Kanga used for Roo's sweater
Z is for zooming the only speed tigger knows.

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