ScrapSayings, Munsters / Halloween Alphabet Poem

From the album At Home With the Munsters, released in 1964.

A is for abracadabra, a magic word I know.
B is for those friendly bats all hanging in a row.
C is for my cauldron, that's bubbling on the fire.
D's for dark and dismal, two words that I admire.
E is for the electric chair, my very favorite seat.
F's for Friday the thirteenth, a date that can't be beat.
G's for ghosts and goblins, each night here they hold sway.
H of course means Halloween, that happy holiday.
I is for inhuman like a demon or a ghoul.
J's for Jack the ripper, I knew him all through school.
K is for our kitty, who prowls around at night.
L's for flashing lightning, oo what a pretty sight.
M stands for the Munsters, a fun group one and all.
N is for the night time, when creatures creep and crawl.
O is for the wise old owl, who lives in our tree top.
P's for poison ivy, we've grown a lovely crop.
Q is for slimy quicksand, I'm sure you would have guessed.
R is for the raven, who makes our clock his nest.
S is for this skeleton, whose eyes stare into space.
T's for Transylvania, my very favorite place.
U is for the undertaker, a friend who'll let you down.
V well V's for vampire, and there's just a few in town.
W is for witchcraft, at which I'm quite a pro.
X - x marks the Spot, that's Eddie's pet you know.
Y is for our yard out back, which I really dig the most.
Z it stands for zombie, that's first cousin to a ghost.

Now that completes our dungeon tour,
I'm glad you came along.
We've covered the whole alphabet,
in Grandpa's little song.
But Grandpa's rather sleepy,
from working in the lab.
So if you'll please excuse me (yawn),
I think I'll hit the slab.

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